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New Additions!

We are pleased to welcome Cinn-Credible Cinnamon Packets, Top Note Tonics, and Barnstormer Granola to our Product Lines!

Cinn-Credible Cinnamon Packets
Cinn-Credible was founded from the front lines of Afghanistan to address a singular need: individually-sized cinnamon packets. More than just providing a touch of home with a morning cup of joe, cinnamon was sought after by soldiers for its numerous health benefits. After discovering that no such product existed, a select group of veterans decided to take matters into their own hands. ​Cinn-Credible was born.

Top Note Tonics
Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, founders Mary Pellettieri and Noah Swanson have drawn upon their collective experiences, to start a company that will change the way people think about- and enjoy- tonics. Our founders were originally interested in making an herb beer. In 2014, while researching the world of bitter inducing herbs- outside of hops, the complex variety of herbs used in Amaro, Vermouth, and bitter wines from Europe, we stumbled upon the origins of soft drinks, when a ‘tonic’ was a bitter botanical drink made by pharmacists for health and vigor. This led to the creation of our European styled tonics, Bitter Orange, Bitter Lemon and Gentian Lime Tonic. Followed a year later by Indian Tonic and Ginger Beer, Top Note has become the Renaissance of flavor in tonics.

Barnstormer Granola
"We make high quality granola that fills you with energy. We make granola for “Foodie’s.” Our secret is the flavor! The combination of perfect ingredients and small batch baking make our granola stand out." -Audrey (Barnstormer)