• Help you prepare the brand for market
  • Develop a “Go to Market” strategy unique to your brand
  • Develop and Manage the Distributor network
  • Develop and Manage the Broker network designed specifically for your brand
  • Process Purchase orders
  • Invoice for brokerage commissions
  • Pay assigned brokers for commissions earned within their regions
  • Help develop and make arrangements for Distributor trade shows
  • Consult on all related issue surrounding your brand
  • Develop and review analytic data to align brands with consumers

Typical Product Launch

  • Distributors
  • Develop Marketing plans for each brand to support each Distributor
  • Brokers
  • Broker review of brand
  • Our interview of the interested broker
  • Broker assignment

Retail Launch

  • Based on category review timelines and other uncontrollable issues this may vary.
  • Target Retailer
  • Develop strategy ie…What does the retailer usually request, what can the manufacturer supply, number of locations, volume of chain, fit for the brand, likelihood of success, exposure to other major chains within the region.

Retail Launch

  • Develop presentation tailored to each retailer
  • Assigned broker will request appointments
  • Assigned broker will execute as decisions come in from each retailer

Do our services end there? Absolutely not. Once we set-up that network, we can help manage it for you to its fullest potential. We also offer assistance with import/export ,warehousing and analytic data that helps align retailers, brands and consumers. We’ll make sure that your product line is positioned correctly to succeed in terms of:  marketing, promotional materials, fact sheets, and other sales literature. We know what the Brokers and accounts need from you – as well as what they don’t need. Or . . . we can just tell you how to do it and serve as a guiding navigator;  helping you to avoid those inevitable “mine fields” and saving your company lots of its hard-earned money in the process.

Can you afford us? Our fees are very reasonable – among the lowest in the industry. They are also negotiable, based on the needed requirements of the manufacturer. No two companies are ever exactly alike. However, after an initial set-up period, no one is ever required to give more than 30 days notice should they become dissatisfied for any reason.

Can we make guarantees? No, no one can guarantee results in this industry today. There are far too many variables. What we can guarantee is 110% effort. We are very ethical and honest people. The Brokers we do business with are the same. We are in the business to get results for our clients – not to sell dreams! If it doesn’t work, we’ll be the first to tell you as quickly as possible. We will not continue to accept any payment when we become convinced that a product is not going to work.

Another reason for that is that when we accept a product, we hope to have it for a long time. We cannot afford to take on products with no chance to succeed. Like you, we will have a vested interest in the long term success of your product.

Only one contract is required with us. If deemed necessary, individual contracts can be written between you and the Brokers. We can handle these and keep them on file for you. We use a standard contract for Brokers that is acceptable to over 95% of our clients. We do maintain the rights to determine if the brokers can keep the line in the event that our agreement be terminated for whatever reason. That is covered in the broker covenants between AMT and the brokers in our network. 

AMT will handle all commission payments to the brokers, making accounts payable much easier for the manufacturer.

We hope this explains who we are. We will gladly answer any additional questions you may have. Next is our corporate philosophy.  A page with references is available on request.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to lock-in a starting date. We only accept a certain number of new clients per month. This is done purposely to insure that we are adequately resourced to give full and proper attention to each client. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for stopping by the website!