"As a start-up brand, in an industry that is so competitive and difficult to navigate, it is of great value to have such a strategic partner like AMT Sales and Marketing. Tom Miller is incredibly knowledgeable and fights for every brand that he represents, which in the beginning is EVERYTHING. It becomes evident very quickly working with Tom that he knows “the ropes” and how to get things done. We wouldn’t be where we are today without his ability to navigate the major distributors to get us into the stores and chains that we want to be in. We look forward to continuing to work with AMT Sales and Marketing for many years to come because they are truly a strategic partner and teammate in our company. We know with AMT Sales and Marketing we will realize our dream of becoming a National Brand."

Mike Wiesner, President - Honduras Chocolate Company


"I have worked with Tom and AMT for the last few years and I appreciate having him help introduce my products to new distributors and brokers. It hasn’t always been easy, but Tom has always been attentive and committed to our brand."

Demtiri Pallis, Owner - Demitri's Bloody Mary Mix & Rim Shots


"It's a pleasure to have AMT Sales and Marketing to teach us about introducing our products into the retail market. I'm always so impressed with the quick responses I get from Tom and Hal while doing business. They found answers to my questions and were reachable at all hours of the day.

They supplied an amazing wealth of broker contacts and upon speaking to these contacts, it was apparent that AMT has really good relationships with them. These brokers were so personable and full of life; what great people to walk our product through the door of the stores!

I always knew I was in the right hands. The level of integrity and personal commitment, not to mention patience, were there working together. One thing I especially liked was the effort to think creatively towards ways to get around any situation that needed to be solved."

Deborah Shaw, PR Director - Pure Knead


"It has been our pleasure having AMT Sales and Marketing as a partner in our sales and marketing efforts. Over the last few years that our two companies have worked together, our company has been able to develop new markets and product segments that have added valuable and profitable growth. This has been as a direct result of AMT Sales and Marketings experience and commitment in providing the very best in everything that it does."

Chris Bennett, President - Carolina Gold


"I was looking for a consultant that could quickly expand our network of brokers, but instead I found true partners in Tom and Hal from AMT Sales and Marketing and Consumer Product Management.  They treat our brand like they own it.  Their communication, advice and results have met or exceeded our expectations to date."

Lou Savant, President - Kiwaii True Spring Water


"The team of AMT/CPM are highly respected for their work ethic, honesty and integrity amongst other attributes. AMT/CPM has systems in place that provide for strength in organizing the work to be done, as well as target account development and account management, which has lead to growth in the market for all parties concerned. This is a professional organization and one that we are proud to be associated with."

Mike Smith, President - Virginia Peanut Company


"When my wife and I started our little salsa business in 2009 we knew we had a dynamite line of products but we had very few ideas as to how to get our products to market. AMT Sales had all the answers. They have a wealth of knowledge about the food business, and know all the "who, what, where, and whens" which have been a tremendous benefit to us and Ernie's Epic Foods. Our business is flourishing and it's the direct result of AMT's guidance and advice. They can help your company flourish as well. Call them. It'll be the best decision you'll ever make about your business."

Ernie Dettbarn - Ernie's Epic Foods